SOAP Error 401

HI all ! I have a problem with a SOAP client… When I send the commands, server response me with error 401. I have set gm level 3 -1 and rbac 219 (account create). The branch currently used is master.

Code in PHP :

protected $soap;

public function connect(){

try {
    $soap = new \SoapClient(NULL, array(
        'location' => '',
        "uri" => "urn:TC",
        'style' => SOAP_RPC,
        "trace"         => 1,
        "username" => "soap",
        "password" => "*****"
    $command = "account create test test";
    echo $result = $soap->executeCommand(new \SoapParam($command, 'command'));
} catch (Exception $e) {



is SOAP enabled?

look at your worldserver.conf

it’s more account don’t have proper permisions.

SOAP is enabled on worldserver.conf. How can i set a proper permissions ?

Well, i had the same issue, in the config file of your soap, where soap username/ pass is you should put the credentials from an account created using the old command .account not the new one, first you need to turn on worldserver.exe, then create an account using this command .account create username password(old fashion way please pay attention), then .account set gmlevel username 3 -1.

I have created the account with [COLOR=rgb(39,42,52)].account create soap password end I set the permission with .account set gmlevel soap 3 -1 but return me 401 … :frowning: Unauthorized