[SOLVED]3.3.5 Subtlety tab missing in Character pane

Just got everything working and running properly! woot!

But there is an issue - there is no subtlety tab in the character pane(please see screenshot) and as a result (assuming) i cannot stealth.

Any pointers on whats going on here?


now that I’m thinking about it maybe this wasn’t available until maybe lvl 5 ? Then again i don’t see the list of options greyed out (only Page 1) with what you will get and what level. I don’t remember if this was just the way it was in WOTLK or not. so maybe this isn’t a bug or issue. will get to level 5 and see

that’s cata+ only.

yeah i just got to lvl 3 and the trainer gave me stealth. did the character page pane never allow you to scroll to see what was upcoming?

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