[SOLVED]Client to connect to server6.2.4

		I use the client to create vmaps , nmaps and maps files but when I want to select realm from client 6.2.4, shows me "incompatible"

			what's the problem?

Well thats pretty obvious, if you successfully created all maps from a 7.0.3 client it means you have a farily recent TC version… which supports client


I want to create a server 6.2.4 but every time you want to create the maps throws me error " No local detected".
Now I can not get the client 6.2.4 , because the current version is legion.
My question is : Will it be possible to get the official version 6.2.4 to create maps for a WOD server?
I can play a 6.2.4 trinity server with client?[/CODE]

You need to use the exact client version the server supports. Obviously you cannot use 7.0.3 client to play 6.2.4 core.

Then the version of trinity is legion ?

yes it is, Update your wow version (by going to battle net official server)

Thanks for your answers!!

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