[SOLVED]Druid Fatal Error When Above Level 80.

Hello Trinity Forum,

I was looking to see if anyone knew how to fix this issue as i have a friend that is doing developmental work for a server and this particular issue has been plauging the server for a while now and nobody has been able to find a fix for the problem issue.

The issue has only occured on the “Druid” class and has been narrowed down to the “Base Stats” section of the drop down menu on the character sheet. The other drop down menu’s work fine and we can do the console fix which works temporarily but the new player’s and player’s who are stupid enough to put the drop down menu back on “Base Stats” will not stop whining so i came here looking for some answer’s and we would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any information on how to potentially fix this problem.

The issue happens with our 3.3.5a WotLK client.

These are the current method’s that we have tried:

Druid Console Fix:

/Console PlayerStatLeftDropDown Melee

/Console PlayerStatRightDropDown Spells


and a savevariables.lua fix which reset’s every time a player changes to another realm

  1. Go to your WoW folder and look for the WTF folder

  2. Go into Accounts and find your char which is a druid

  3. Find “savedvariables.lua” and edit it…

  4. Find the line of text that says:


and change it to:


  1. Save the file with the same name, usually SAVE AS does the trick and u should be set

These both work temporarily but again we are looking for a more perm fix to the issue than a temporary one.


Simple! Correct your level cap back to normal and you won’t have this problem anymore!

We already have 2 other server’s that are level 80 cap and the one that we are having issues with is a level 255 fun realm.

This subject is not new to us… Stick to the normal levels… Levels above the cap aren’t supported!

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It appears the issue in the original post was solved, so this thread shall be closed. Should you encounter any other difficulties, please open a new thread.

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