[SOLVED]Error in wiki guide,link not working

If you go down almost at the end of the page before the pro tips

[COLOR=rgb(41,41,41)]Thanks to the automatic DB updater the single step you have to do, is to fetch a new revision (Keeping the Source Up-to-Date[COLOR=rgb(41,41,41)]) and the appropriate updates will we applied at server startup.

[COLOR=rgb(41,41,41)]The keeping the source up to date is not working.


Also if I want to update or give more information on the wiki is it possible and how ?

Thank you!

Anyone can create an account at https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/admin/users/sign-up and edit pages (button in the upper right corner).

Link fixed.

Thanks. All my answer has been answer we can close the topic. I will make some screenshot of how to compile

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