[SOLVED]Final steps (lacking full wiki)

First off, thanks so much for all the work you guys have done to make Trinitycore happen.

As the wiki is currently missing tabs from the installation and configuration pages (Unknown macro: ‘localtabgroup’), I need some help with final steps:

  • Options for configuring the server for LAN connections. I believe there is a line for setting the bind IP and address.

  • The initial TC prompt command for setting up and admin account in bnet or anywhere else.

  • The steps for running the connection patcher properly. Can the patcher just be moved to the machine with the client or does the patch need to be run on the machine with TC compiled?


Debian essie running Xen

-xen guest running trinitycore 6 on debian jessie

-xen guest running mysql databases on debian jessie

xen guest running windows 7 with TC tools compiled (for the patcher)

Gentle prod to fix the wiki, but if anyone has the final steps info please feel free to pass it along.



The Server Setup page at the wiki should be fixed now. If you need further help, please reply here.

Yep, the missing bits showed up and was a huge help.

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