[SOLVED]How get character faction from database

Please I need get the character faction from the character data base. How I can doit?


You may want to elaborate a bit more on this?

You need to get the faction in code, or for an armory(website), or just pure mysql query?

Thank you for answering CDawg, sorry, I should have better elaborated the question. I’m doing an armory for a website, so I need to get the faction of the database. In previous versions of Mist of Pandaria was possible to know the faction with the race of the character, but with the pandas is no longer possible, so I need some idea to let me make a query to the characters database and know the faction of the character. I got the idea of making a query to the table character_reputation to check the reputation of the character with the main cities, but not sure if the character level one already has reputation with these cities. Greetings and thanks for reading.

I’m still a huge fan of 3.3.5 and unfortunately don’t use version 7+.

However, can you pull the data from character_template_class?



You can still use race. Pandarens can have 3 races, one for neutral, another for horde and another for alliance.

CDawg, thank you very much again for answering and offer your help; but with the reply from Nay already completely solve the problem, I did not have knowledge that Panda had different id race depending on the faction to which they belong.

Neutral Pandaren id = 24
Alliance Pandaren id = 25
Pandaren Horde id = 26

And in this way the faction of the panda is solved, which is the race that created me problems. Thanks to both of you. Regards

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