[solved]login error-http://trinity6.github.io/US/wow/21463/versi

Hi, guys.

When I login the game, the Wow-64_Patched.exe gave me this shit:

The CAS system was unable to initialize: Error downloading versions data

from patch service : WOWDOWNLOAD_NOT_FOUND. URL:


Somebody help me, please!

OS: win10pro_64 vs2015

Core: TrinityCore rev. 3cbbcdb51a8f+ 2016-04-16 02:26:24



I just had this happening here. I was able to work around it by starting the patched client from a command prompt with elevated user rights (admin) and using this command. Adjust the locale to your needs (e.g. ENus, etc.)

[COLOR=rgb(39,42,52)]wow-64_patched.exe -uid wow_dede

That started the client but didn’t solve the root of the probem. I was using the wrong client version. Keep in mind that Trinitycore 6.x is only available with 6.2.4 21335 as we speek.


its not included, without this we cant start the game.

i have send a pull request with updated infos. wait for accept…

Merged. anyway, the best way is to make a copy of your wow client to avoid such things.

try it again

Thank you all your guys.

I’ll try.

but after click on the realm is disconnect :frowning:

The problm is solved by now!

no! im still disconnected…

4/17 23:01:45.790 [GlueLogin] Logon complete.
4/17 23:01:45.790 [GlueLogin] Waiting for realm list.
4/17 23:01:45.790 [IBN_Login] Requesting realm list ticket
4/17 23:01:45.848 [IBN_Login] Received realm list ticket | code=ERROR_OK (0)
4/17 23:01:45.848 [GlueLogin] Waiting for realm list.
4/17 23:01:45.897 [IBN_Login] Received sub region list | code=ERROR_OK (0)
4/17 23:01:45.897 [IBN_Login] Requesting last played chars | numSubRegions=1
4/17 23:01:45.996 [GlueLogin] Realm list ready.
4/17 23:01:48.056 [IBN_Login] Joining realm | subRegion=1-0-0 | realmAddress=1-0-1
4/17 23:01:48.136 [IBN_Login] OnRealmJoin | code=ERROR_OK (0)
4/17 23:01:49.284 [GlueLogin] Disconnected from WoW | previouslyConnected=false
4/17 23:01:49.284 [IBN_Login] Front disconnecting | connectionId=1
4/17 23:01:49.284 [GlueLogin] Disconnecting from authentication server.
4/17 23:01:49.342 [IBN_Login] Front disconnected | connectionId=1 | result=( | code=ERROR_OK (0) | localizedMessage= | debugMessage=)
4/17 23:01:49.342 [GlueLogin] Disconnected from authentication server.
4/17 23:01:49.342 [IBN_Login] Destroying | isInitialized=true
4/17 23:01:53.191 [IBN_Login] Destroying | isInitialized=false
4/17 23:01:53.432 [IBN_Login] Shutting down

Have you re-bulid it? OR Have you re-patched the wow.exe?

Today I’ve completed the core, it’s OK for me.


from e3a583646edd736176e5b4614b69fa794bc83c5b


Oh, I'm sorry for that I cant help it out.