[SOLVED]Mobs/enemies not spawning?

So I set up a server yesterday. I made it just for me so I could test out abilities/gear/etc on my own. Whenever I TP to a new area (one that I have no explored before) via the .tele or .go (and variants), there are usually no mobs for me to test DPS, etc. I am building the most recent server right now (commit 3dd7e39 ) and will see if that fixes it.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Also, there are occasionally no NPCs in towns that I TP to. Is this a side-effect of going to these areas illegitimately? And is there a way to spawn these NPCs?

If you try mop, wod or legion zones, they will be empty.

That would explain it. Any reason why? (To prevent players accessing content they don’t own would be my guess)

No, simply no one spawned those regions and pushed the data to trinitycore repository.

Ah, I see. So far, I have had fun exploring the maps. Good work. I’ll start a new character and by the time I get through a decent chunk of the game, maybe that data will be pushed.

Is there any way I could help, or would I need experience in your project (more than a few days’ worth, at least).

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It appears the issue in the original post was solved, so this thread shall be closed.
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