[SOLVED]Need some help to customize the Cooldown Duration of Raids

Hi guys. I need some help to change the time when those raids are reset. For example, ICC will be reset at 4 a.m. once every three days. And i want the ‘three’ be changed to be ‘four’. Is there any way to make this come true?

And i’ve tried on the Instance_reset but i can’t understand what’s resettime means. for example, mapid = 631, difficulty = 0, resettime = 1442376000. mapid 631 means ICC and difficulty 0 means 10man. But what’s 1442376000?

Thanks! My English is not good and i’m looking forward to having your help.

“[COLOR= rgb(82, 82, 82)]1442376000” is a unix timestamp, the number of seconds since the epoch 1 January 1970


Thanks for Nay’s help. Now i understand ‘1442376000’ and another question here.

So the time when raids are reset next time will be stored in the Instance_reset, right? And how should i make it that raids will be reset once every three days?

Thank you very much!

Change the Rate.InstanceResetTime in worldserver.conf

Thank you!

i’ll give a try.

Thank you again!

​Sorry for disturbing. Is there any way to change the reset time of a specific raid? (TOC as an example)

​And i’ve tried to change the Rate.InstanceResetTime from 1 to 0.5. But i failed to start the worldserver then. thanks.

Why did it fail to start? What error?

​Well, the problem was solved. Thank you Nay.