[SOLVED]New Server Help - First Time Setup

Please help a noob. I’ve been a server user for a while now, and have really desired to start my own TC server to fully appreciate the hard work that goes into these projects and updates. My server admin is quite swamped with other projects and rarely has the time to help out if I have any questions or requests for commit updates (Our current commit for 3.3.5 is from 2014…)

So after following the directions provided (I am running Windows 10) on the Confluence site, met requirements, downloaded all software, compiled sources just fine…but here’s where I’m stuck. (Don’t laugh if its simple, I already feel like an idiot. LOL) On the Windows core installation page, ( https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/Windows+Core+Installation ) it states:


You will need the following files in order for the core to function properly:


		authserver.exe "

However it doesn’t state where to locate these files from. I’ve performed a search on my PC and have not found anything. Can someone point me in the right direction please? I want to start up 3.3.5, and eventually Master afterward. But one step at a time…

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can provide.

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Quoting from a few lines below your list:

	[B]libmySQL.dll [/B]- C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.x\lib

libeay32.dll, ssleay32.dll - C:\OpenSSL-Win32\bin[COLOR=rgb(0,0,0)]

The three DLL files are already explained there.

As for the worldserver/authserver config and exe, they are located in your Build folder (i.e. C:\Build\bin\release)

Hope this helps.

Thanks @mad_catmk2. You’re right. I half read that list below the preceding list. DUH moment; however I checked the Build/Bin/Release and its empty. Any thoughts on what I could have done wrong? The other two files, do I just move them from the original directory, or do I copy them and leave the original where they are? (Im opting to do the latter.)


Thanks in advance!

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For the DLL files definitely make a copy, doesn’t hurt to :stuck_out_tongue:

As for your release folder being empty, it looks as if you didn’t get the things compiled into the folder?

After I compiled everything in Visual Studio Community 2015 my folder had all those files (plus the ones I moved myself into it).

Are you sure you compiled a Release version set in VS?


I could have sworn I followed it step by step. VS showed no errors after compiling. After trying again, here’s a screen shot.


Followed by the next step in VS…

(Well, it appears to be building now.) Didnt take this long the first time through. I’ll post after thats done. Maybe it’s gonna take this time through. More to come… maybe. :slight_smile:

EDIT Yeah, that was it. I compiled but didn’t build. It’s still building but I’m guessing that was the issue. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your input!

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Yeah, thats progress allright. The only thing IM missing at this time is the authserver stuffs. See screen cap.


Woot getting closer :smiley:

Actually your set of files looks pretty good considering you still need to extract maps and stuff.

Your remaining step should only be to extract the maps from the game directory, run connection_patcher on the game executable, and set the worldserver.conf file to point to the right IP?

Baby steps! I tried running WorldServer.exe and it seemed to work ok for the most part. I hit return every time it prompted me for new DB entries, etc. But when it was all done, I noticed I completely forgot to put the “TDB Full World” SQL scripts in. :frowning: I dropped them in there and re-ran the WorldServer.exe again, and it now quit on me unexpectedly. Which DB files do I erase/purge to start this over? (THis is for Master). 3.3.5 wont stay up at all.


This is what my folder contains. (3.3.5) What am I missing?


This is what the master side gives me.


Here is the Master folder.


Any further advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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Ouch, that’s a handful. I think you should stick to trying one version, i.e. in this case just try installing + running master? I don’t think mixing both 3.3.5 and master on the same machine will work nicely heh :unsure:

In the installation steps, did you do this part prior to running worldserver to import the TDB sql?

Installing The Trinity Databases

Import [master branch](https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/blob/master/sql/create/create_mysql.sql) or [3.3.5a branch](https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/blob/3.3.5/sql/create/create_mysql.sql) with your favorite mysql client with root account before starting core.

Trinity needs 3 databases to run at 3.3.5 branch and 4 for master - Auth, Characters, World and hotfixes (master only):

[li]auth - holds account data - usernames, passwords, GM access, realm information, etc.[/li]
[li]characters - holds character data - created characters, inventory, bank items, auction house, tickets, etc.[/li]
[li]world - holds game-experience content such as NPCs, quests, objects, etc[/li]
[li]hotfixes (master only) - holds fixes not already added to the core or other official databases.[/li]

I think you can drop all the required tables (auth, characters, world and hotfixes) and restart the import process to redo it.

Hope it helps!

I will give it a shot. Prior to my starting this project on my own, my friend, before he got REALLY busy was able to host both 3.3.5 AND 6.x on his Unix box (It may be Linux - can’t recall for sure). I just thought by keeping it all in different folders, it would work smoothly and focus on one at a time.

I’m giving it another go. I think I will try to get 3.3.5 running before I install master in another directory. Just as was suggested. :slight_smile:

I"ll double check on your suggestion and get back to you.

Thanks again!

OK- HERE’S a legitimate question…


On first install, I do NOT need to focus on the updates folder, but rather I should use ONLY the TDB_Full_World one for the 3.3.5? (Just verifying)

From what I gather you’ll need to setup separate databases if you need to mix 3.3.5 and master, so the config files will need quite a bit of tweaking.

Yeah you don’t need to; I’ve spot checked my DB and it contains all the update SQL’s that were provided in the source directory. I think the updates folder is only really needed when you update the source and you don’t need to recompile, then you will likely need to run the updates yourself.

Awesome thanks! Still wrangling with this beast called SQL though.

Update here: Worked with OP through PM and got the server setup complete, so its solved for now

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