[SOLVED]Opcode Error

[COLOR=rgb(88,88,88)]Hello, I have a problem when you add an opcode , [COLOR=rgb(88,88,88)]work with distribution of the tc


[COLOR=rgb(88,88,88)]the problem is that when I try to add a line or an opcode within the opcode.cpp, I get the following error:

[COLOR=rgb(33,33,33)]1 IntelliSense : too many initializer values c: \ MYTH \ src \ server \ game \ Server \ Protocol \ Opcodes.cpp 1329


please help me :C

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This help request is in no way related to the official codebase of TrinityCore and/or TrinityDatabase and does not belong on these boards.
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It appears the issue in the original post was solved, so this thread shall be closed.
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