[SOLVED]Stopping Client From Downloading 6.2.4 Files

Hello, with this new update to 6.2.4, I’ve been unable to start the game, due to the standard errors already discussed in another thread.

Now, what I’m wondering is if there is a way to use the 6.2.3 client (the one that is only an exe and downloads data as you play) and prevent it from downloading the 6.2.4 data, which cause you unable to play on your 6.2.3 server?

The -noautolaunch64bit solution didn’t seem to work.

All help very much appreciated.

Update to https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/363731aac827f3eab051064ba466cef49f6cc111 recompile tools, and re-patch.

OK I am a bit confused I have just got a clean 6.x and built it no problems.

Then I got an honest client and applied the connection_patch.

Result: Client get stuck at “Connected”

Am I doing anything wrong?

Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere but I could not find it.

PS: A 3-day old build works just fine with So machine and db settings are fine.

Dont know though if its possible to get a 6.2.3 client easily.

Well the connection_patcher now only finds the pattern on 6.2.4.

I have a pristine [COLOR=rgb(39,42,52)] and the new connection_patcher finds nothing on it.

In any case running an old patched [COLOR=rgb(39,42,52)] or a new patched 6.2.4 the result is the same for me so not sure what I am doing wrong.

It seems that the patcher was updated to [COLOR=rgb(39,42,52)]6.2.4 yesterday (or so) and the core was updated today.
So now, 12 min ago, a commit was pushed for [COLOR=rgb(39,42,52)]6.2.4 support.

Try updating your core and possibly re patch the [COLOR=rgb(39,42,52)]6.2.4 client and you should be good to go.

Awesome. All works flawless now.

Thanks Rochet.

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