[SOLVED][Suggestion] Crashdumps Guide

I have searched both forums and wiki and I can’t seem to find a proper topic which would explain on how to properly get crashdumps. I am sure there are few of us who would like to contribute by submitting crash reports, however we do not know on how to properly configure files in order to provide useful information.

you didn’t looked harder on wiki!


And post the crash dumps here: http://www.trinitycore.org/t/trinitycore

you didn’t looked harder on wiki!http://www.trinityco…to:Advanced:GDB

And post the crash dumps here: http://www.trinityco…g/t/trinitycore

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Compile in Debug or relwithdebinfo, how hard is that?

It also can’t hurt to make sure the *.pdb files are in the same directory as the rest of the files.

Compile in Debug or relwithdebinfo, how hard is that?

I believe you missed the point of this thread. The point is that there are allot of essential information missing, I don’t see the problem of creating a small guide of what you just said and post it in the wiki. This might be simple for you but that is not the case for everyone. From what I understand this is a learning project so how can people learn without having the basic information about the project?

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Paradox as already answer you.

I think this is not going furter.

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