[SOLVED]Syncing 6.x client level to Trinity server release level

I have a question that has been an issue for me ever since the project has required connecting to the current client, downloading it and using this as basis for the now “default” 6.x client software. The question is: how do I control the one-time client connection such that the client level downloaded matches the current level required for use by Trinity’s server (since it appears that the client level always appears to be one or more patch releases beyond that supported by the latest Trinity server release? Thank you for your attention (and thank you for the excellent “product” that you have painstakingly developed for the community).

6.x supported client version is usually in sync with retail’s, give or take a few days of delay after a patch release.

You do not need to connect to retail’s servers to make it usuable. You can also disable automatic updates in bnet.

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