[SOLVED]Worldserver crash 6.x

Took some time away from WOW and Trinity, but decided to start up again.

3.35a is working just fine. On 6.x, all loads properly, but on worldserver, after about 30 seconds of sitting at (worldserver-daemon) ready… it crashes. Until that point, I can create an account and do other commands, but it always crashes after about 30 seconds. Been messing with it for 3 or 4 days now, trying to track the issue down. Anyone have an idea on the issue I am having? Have tried starting with no databases and letting Trinity create them, have also tried manually making them, but same issue. Dont really think this is a DB issue though.

Crash log:


This belongs to bugtracker, anyway, it’s one known issue with ahbot seller. (a ticket for it already exists).

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