Some auras not updating until re-log

Hello all, just trying to do some custom spec making. I have an NPC that will learn all abilities and talents for a certain custom spec. One of them is Deep Wounds (Rank 3), SpellID 12867. After switching my spells with my trainer, the aura doesn’t show up until I re-log the character. After re-logging, the aura shows up and the talent works properly. Any ideas on how I might fix this? I don’t want players to have to re-log every time they change specs.




Well, after reverting my spell.dbc to the original and reverting my patch, the talent now works even without re-logging. The aura is still not listed until I re-log, but as long as the spell functions correctly, that’s fine. My problem now is that the spell editor I was using seems to be corrupting values on saving. Going to look into other methods for editing/creating spells.

Turns out the talent started working and the aura became listed when I changed a piece of equipment on the character. So I still need to find a way to update the players current auras as they change specs.