some questions

hello to the community atm i just wanna know some things.

  1. how much is the dev activity on cata repository (core and db) i mean its playable? or it still have many bugs ? , i have like 3 years out of all of this, and i used mangos on those days but now seems to be trinity the most activity or the most used core.

comparing wotlk core vs cata core at the date wich one is more complete wich one have more dev activity?

  1. in the past when i used mangos with one realm sv could be 2 or more world servers this still can be done? i mean to have 1 realm server and 1 cata and 1 wotlk world sv?

  2. like everything some times new updates comes out so compile the core isnt the problem but i dont remember if for example i have on my db 10 accounts and i dont want to lost it but i want to update caus it bring new fixes , how can i update DB without losing existing Data.

btw now that i have some time ive see many cata servers and actually some friends are on 1 that FL DS and most of the content actually works and i believe that they used trinity since it seems or on all the webs i read its the most active now. of course some other thngs dont work they have close wotlk raids ( dont know the reasons ) and the dungeon finders its a pain same as the twilight instances.

oh also saw that trinity used hes own Data Base, in the past or still exist some db projects like YTDB or UDB or PSDB but not sure if those are exlusive of mangos or if it is standart DB i mean that could works with trinity.

hope any 1 could guide me a bit and put me on current of trinity active /emoticons/default_smile.png best regards

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Hope you got your answer → stick to Mangos.

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Yeah, stick with mangos, if you hate yourself and don’t want a properly working core without paying for it.

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