speed test

Hello all, we recently moved hosting as some of you know, can you tell me what kind of speeds you are getting from TC? use the following files to test. :



just post your theoretical max download, your general location or continent or country (privacy matters, so dont post if you dont wish to) and what Avg speed you got.


run #1:

20Mb/s Max - [SIZE=14px]USA / NY - [/SIZE][SIZE=14px]16 Mb/s Avg[/SIZE]

Run #2:

100Mb/s Max - USA / Florida - 86.4 Mb/s Avg

Thank you so much for posting the results /emoticons/default_smile.png

EU, DE, Nuremburg

hosted by Hetzner (https://www.hetzner.de)

100 MBit/s

2013-07-07 00:53:14 (6.26 MB/s) - `100MB.rar’ saved [104857600/104857600]

2013-07-07 00:54:40 (6.17 MB/s) - `500MB.rar’ saved [524288000/524288000]

2013-07-07 01:00:56 (10.7 MB/s) - `500MB.rar’ saved [524288000/524288000]

i get around 60 Mbit wich is my max at home at download speed,

the netherlands

2013-07-07 21:04:59 until 21:06:22 (~1.3 MB, 1.9 MB max) - 1:22 sec

2013-07-07 21:09:58 until 21:15:19 (~1.8 MB, 1.9 MB max) - 5:21 sec

EU, DE, DSL 16000

Calif, USA

5.45Mb/s on the 100Mb.rar download

5.16Mb/s on the 500Mb.rar download

Edit: Comcast, not sure if you need the ISP (Cable modem)

awesome, thank you everyone for your time and help, so it would seem overall the general consensus is we have good download speeds across the gamut of users in various locations. (if anyone disagrees let me know /emoticons/default_smile.png )

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2013-07-12 23:22:50 (10.2 MB/s) - `100MB.rar’ saved [104857600/104857600]

2013-07-12 23:21:21 (10.6 MB/s) - `500MB.rar’ saved [524288000/524288000]