Spirit Guide

Default TDB and SQL update from TC2 seem wrong for Spirit Guide

On Battleground (Warsong Gulch for example), this creature Spirit Guide is clickable, and sometimes player can kill this npc

I change Alliance Spirit Guide and Horde Spirit Guide properties to

npcflag 32768

32768 Spirit Guide

flags_extra 130

[CODE]2 creature does not aggro (ignore faction/reputation hostility)

128 creature is trigger-NPC (invisible to players only)[/CODE]

Seems temporary slove my problem, and this spirit guide not killable any more.

Any better suggestion for fix?

i cant target them, can someone confirm it ?

I can target them but not attack them (friendly), when i play DK however sometimes my Ghoul / Army of the Dead attacks the spirit healer and (not entirely sure) the Spirit Healer takes damage from Wandering Plague. This is on rev 10818+

I have heard of people being able to kill them (faction hack?) but never seen it or been able to do it myself.

I can confirm this bug … Sometimes opossite faction kill Spirit Guide ( maybe AOE atack´s )

Warrior Abilities: Sweeping Strikes and Bladestorm

Use them together and they kill the Spirit Guide.

yep confirmed as well this one

no idea what this does but try adding:

DELETE FROM `creature_template_addon` WHERE `entry` IN (13116,22526,22558,31920,32004,13117);
INSERT INTO `creature_template_addon` (`entry`,`bytes1`,`bytes2`) VALUES
(found in sniff for 13117)

Bump. Shouldn’t be visible to players who are alive, and never to players from the opposite faction.

Not able to confirm the bug which allows the players to kill the spirit guide though.

I’m thinking creature visibility level should be set in creature the same way phase is.

Simple example ? ROll rogue, use http://old.wowhead.com/spell=51690 Killing Spree near the spirit guide. With some really good gear (ie ilvl 264) you’ll one shot him if no player is around.

Problem is in Core.

In creature.cpp search this:

[CODE] else if (isSpiritGuide())