[SQL] Auth/Characters Database Cleanup and Optimzation

Cleanup unused accounts/characters and lowers autoincrementals

Author: TGM

Credits to: Gelu, Oldman, Murry, everybody else that helped me over the years.

This ideea was started way back in 2007 and developed over the years every time we cleaned up our database. Now i’m sharing it with you hoping you will find it usefull. Feel free to contribute in any way.

Cheers, TGM.

IMPORTANT: Use at your own risk, this project comes without any warranty. MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE USE!

Requirements: MySQL Server 5.1+


[ul][li]TrinityCore 74da8dc41004adcea6167a4587bded4efa025387 (latest tested version)[/li]


P.S. I will not offer any support here, use the issue tracker if you have any problems. Hopefully there shouldn’t be any.

very nice tool, thank you very much!

I just want to ask, what about put this on c# for use all in RAM.?

Why someone would want that??

You can’t use it while the server is online. You have to stop the server to do that maintenance.

when updating the guids on table “item_instance” the machine hangs. D: