[SQL - Spell Bonuses] Various spell proc fixes

This fixes a bunch of items/enchants that stack with spell power and shouldn’t, causing really high healing or damaging procs that can be abused. I don’t think the Trinity devs like it because it only fixes individual procs and not the root core issue behind this, even though a Deathfrost enchant fix like these is already in the official Trinity database.

Anyway, enjoy. I’ll update this if I find any more spells that incorrectly stack with spell power. I posted this here after someone else hijacked that issue to post a similar but flawed fix. However, like I said, I don’t think it will be used as an official fix.

Credits to amort on the issue tracker for half of the spell names.

[SPOILER]INSERT INTO spell_bonus_data (entry, direct_bonus, dot_bonus, ap_bonus, ap_dot_bonus, comments) VALUES
– items
(7712,0,0,0,0,‘Item - Blazefury Medallion & Fiery Retributor (Fire Strike)’),
(7714,0,0,0,0,‘Item - Fiery Plate Gauntlets (Fire Strike)’),
(10577,0,0,0,0,‘Item - Gauntlets of the Sea (Heal)’),
(16614,0,0,0,0,‘Item - Storm Gauntlets (Lightning Strike)’),
(18798,0,0,0,0,‘Item - Freezing Band (Freeze)’),
(27655,0,0,0,0,‘Item - Heart of Wyrmthalak (Flame Lash)’),
(28788,0,0,0,0,‘Item - Paladin T3 (8)’),
(38395,0,0,0,0,‘Item - Warlock T5 (2)’),
(55756,0,0,0,0,‘Item - Brunnhildar weapons (Chilling Blow)’),
– enchants
(6297,0,0,0,0,‘Enchant - Fiery Blaze’),
(13897,0,0,0,0,‘Enchant - Fiery Weapon’),
(20004,0,0,0,0,‘Enchant - Lifestealing’),
(28005,0,0,0,0,‘Enchant - Battlemaster’),
(20006,0,0,0,0,‘Enchant - Unholy Weapon’),
(44525,0,0,0,0,‘Enchant - Icebreaker’),
– Consumables
(28715,0,0,0,0,‘Consumable - Flamecap (Flamecap Fire)’),
(38616,0,0,0,0,‘Poison - Bloodboil Poison’),
(43731,0,0,0,0,‘Consumable - Stormchops (Lightning Zap)’),
(43733,0,0,0,0,‘Consumable - Stormchops (Lightning Zap)’);

UPDATE spell_bonus_data SET comments=‘Enchant - Deathfrost’ WHERE entry=46579;

DELETE FROM `spell_bonus_data` WHERE `entry` IN (7712,7714,10577,16614,18798,27655,28788,38395,55756,6297,13897,20004,28005,20006,44525,28715,38616,43731,43733);


It’s fucking insane you’re not giving me the credits for this. Don’t you think?

Seeing as how I wasn’t even aware of your fix and have never used it or seen it before (not to mention that it hasn’t even been added to the core), whereas my fix is a simple database-side “hack” which uses SQL instead of C++ and looks nothing remotely like yours, “it’s fucking insane” to think that I owe you any credit at all.

What the hell is your problem anyway? Negative repping me for something I did on my own which is a DIFFERENT method of fixing these spells. Christ dude, you seem a little bitter. Take a chill pill.

If your core fix works properly and isn’t a hack, well then I hope you submit it and it gets added into the TC core. God knows this bug has been around long enough. This was something I undertook to fix a few buggy items that I happened to find since I don’t have the time to learn proper C++ coding for core fixes.

But yeah… again… take a chill pill… maybe some weed or anxiety medicine will help you out. It’s sad to see this kind of drama on the Trinity forum.

The cpp patch was not by me, I was talking about the SQL.

Oh you mean the credit I gave in both of the issues on the issue tracker I posted my fix in and linked to in my post?

Fine, I can update my post with some credit if you’re amort, which I assume you are by the avatar. See how much easier it is if you’re civil?