SQLDev log

Hey guys, earlier today I enabled SQLDev log in worldconf settings to check something for waypoint movement.

It is a great thing that you implemented but, there is one ‘flaw’ in it. Why is it logging only 10 fields when ‘waypoint_data’ table has 11 fields in it?

Like in this example here:

(@PATH, XX, 615.241, -5121.141, 19.46491, 0, 0, 0, 100, 0),

As you can see there is one entry missing between position_z and action_chance.

need update the wgps code.

static bool HandleWPGPSCommand(ChatHandler* handler, char const* /args/)
Player* player = handler->GetSession()->GetPlayer();

    sLog->outInfo(LOG_FILTER_SQL_DEV, "(@PATH, XX, %.3f, %.3f, %.5f, 0, 0, 0, 100, 0),", player->GetPositionX(), player->GetPositionY(), player->GetPositionZ());

    handler->PSendSysMessage("Waypoint SQL written to SQL Developer log");
    return true;

as you can see this his output when the only data you get its only the x,y,z.

update using this code:

Paste: 6c9wl35uqwk