Start as Devoloper

Hello, i want to ask what is the best way to start developing TrinityCore scripts.

Please tell me how you started developing and what do you recommend to me.

Maybe some kind of tutorial?

Please don’t redirect me to the EmuDev’s outdated videos.

I have a bit of c++ and mysql knowledge but i don’t understand

anything of the TC scripting at all.

I hope you can help me :)!

Hello and welcome to TrinityCore.

A lot of scripts are handled by SmartAI (simpler ones), so you have just to work on database to introduce new “smart” scripts.

You can find all documentation here:

Also you can use SmartAI Editor tools like Keira2 (web application) or Discover-'s SAI Editor (windows application) that help you a lot and automatically generate the SQL code for you.

The more complicated AI are handled with C++, unfortunately there is no tutoial for them but you can find a lot of examples here:

also do not forget to read our C++ Development Standards.

I hope it helps