Start Developing

Hi Guys

I yesterday compiled a 3.3.5a server

now im testing it …. I wanna know is this good to keep it online and players start to play ? is that fix enough ?

another question is about how can I start developing and fixing bugs

for example I saw in blizzard : Warrior Furry >> when the I get this talent [Blood Frenzy] it has chance to enable my slap instant no need to cast while the debuff is active on character when you got debuf and you use slap it might disappear from my buffs but in this server not going and stay there until the time count down to 0 and then disappear while the debuf is active you can just use 1 time slam and you cannot use slam anymore until the buff disappears

now wanna fix it myself anyone can help me and tell me how can I start to be a developer :slight_smile:

sorry for my bad English

thanks guys