Starting Core Programming

Hi TrinityCore community :slight_smile:

I am a computer scientist (just got my degree) and I want to learn a bit about Warcraft programming for fun.

I got the 3.5.5 core as a VS project, I can build and run the worldserver, and I can successfully start the game from there. I was hoping someone here could give me some tips/guidance as to how I should go about learning to program the core and how to contribute most effectively to the community. My biggest concern is the workflow between editing, building, and running. It seems like it would be a very slow process to rebuild the core every time you need to jump into the game to check something.

Any thoughts?

You could set up a command script and then use the dynamic hotswap.
This way you would only need to rebuild the scripts (or a part of them?) to test something small with your command script.

Otherwise Im not sure you can speed up the compilation process or avoid it if you want to edit the core.
Editing scripts can probably benefit from the hotswap system, but otherwise I can only think of using better hardware or trying to optimize the code for build time.

Looks very helpful, I’ve got my eye on an issue I wish to check and see if I can make a fix for it :slight_smile:

Hello Guys , i am very beginner in coding

could you please show me the way to learn how to code exactly for WOW 3.3.5a ?

for example fixing Quests , npcs and many more … or edit some npc or boss or quest as well