Starting objects pooling system Take long time ...


Loaded 1019 creatures in pools in 2 ms
Loading Gameobject Pooling Data…
Loaded 24685 gameobject in pools in 33 ms
Loading Mother Pooling Data…
Loaded 2271 pools in mother pools in 3788 ms
Loading Quest Pooling Data…
Loaded 182 quests in pools in 0 ms
Starting objects pooling system…




World initialized in 41 minutes 10 seconds

Take long time for this …

anyone have any idea?

You should post more information for example what patch you are on, what TC version and so on.
Also if this issue does not occur on a clean core and DB then it can be because of some data you have in the database and we may have difficulties reproducing it locally to examine the issue.
You could try profiling or debugging to try find out which part exactly is being slow. This can be done for example by simple logging of timestamps between different phases of the functions being called that are slow. Or by using Visual Studio or some other tool that has profiling tools. According to visual studio community seems to have the profiling tools needed for performance profiling (CPU).

Not even starting with valgrind takes such long time for me (10 minutes)

I had the same problem since some months, ok, not 41 minutes but still 2 minutes hanging on pooling. Now I have seen that I have in the table creature_respawn 63.000 records and in the gameobject_respawn table 18.000 records.

After deleting them there is no waiting time. The core needs 18 seconds to start completely.