Status of working/scripted instances (master branch)?

Is there any list showing what is the current state of Trinity master branch (Legion) - what ingame is working and what not, which dungeons/raids are available and scripted etc.?

Why don’t you do it yourself?

Would be good to have this indeed. For the 3.3.5 branch as well.

– chaodhib


Start off by seeing what works as percentage scale… then list everything. Everything! (then assume from there that, that is what needs work or improvements)

It’s alot of work and the devs would have to continually maintain it. As you search other posts you will see other members that have created these exact lists, but never go back to update it when there is so much activity.

BTW, thanks for the downvote… Learn some constructive criticism and do it yourself. It takes alot of time and if you want to invest in doing it, then you can get pats on the back. The main problem is maintaining it. I recommend a percentage level, since most scripts/instances/bgs, etc… will not be 100%✓