Still have eggs from Noblegarden

TC rev 257ae44a20ed

I haven’t played much in a while, but got back on to do the Hallow’s End quests. Sadly the Goldshire fires aren’t working, but someone else posted about that so I commented in there. This post is about another strange happening, the Easter Eggs are still around from Noblegarden. I updated TC to see if that would fix it, and when it didn’t I dropped the world database and let TC auto-create and auto-update the world database, but yet the eggs are still there. What should I try next, or is this a known issue my google-foo isn’t strong enough to find?

Edit: apparently my google-foo was weak. I did eventually find which seems to be a closed, not-reproducible issue.

Changes have been made for 7.3.5 have you checked 7.3.5 or you just saying this happens for 3.3.5a only, because 4.3.4 has it no more either after the update. Just trying to check which one you are getting this in so I know where to commit it to.

/facepalm, sorry, forgot to specify. I only have tried 3.3.5a.

oh okay, I will double check to make sure the other ones are okay but last time I checked on mine it was but I forgot if I requested the commit or not if not I will send it.

Not sure if your update is included, but as I posted in the other thread you’re helping me with I’ve updated to b69ee07d502f, I see the following SQL updates in the log:

Updating World database…>> Applying update “2018_11_04_00_world.sql” ‘306FD47’…>> Applying update “2018_11_08_00_world.sql” ‘5E0E14A’…>> Applying update “2018_11_08_01_world.sql” ‘291D88C’…>> Applying update “2018_11_11_00_world.sql” ‘9557655’…>> Applied 4 queries. Containing 573 new and 3161 archived updates.

[SIZE=14px]but I still see eggs. I can’t eat the chocolate, but the eggs still respawn after picking them up. Thanks![/SIZE]