Stop that Boost in Arenas


Any ideas how to stop boosting in Arenas when one faction can fight with each other (horde vs horde, ally vs ally)? How to make the Ally can fight only fith Horde arena teams or it’s not possible to make?

I see the players boost arena points (allow to kill, allow to win)…

The question is, why do you care?

Are you giving out some sort of reward or recognition for higher ranked teams? If so, stop doing that.

Win trading is almost always an attempt to game a reward or ranking system. If you remove the reward, you remove the incentive to throw arena matches.

4 words: pvp weapons and achievements.

So any ideas? In wow thats call WinTrade. Easy way to get Wratfull set. How to make only Horde vs Alliance can fight in Arena?

Remove the rating requirement for the pvp weapons

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You can add somes Security level like remoteadress etc.

you have to take a look at arena script realization, and from there restrict or allow crossfaction arena