Suggestion: Don't delete posts, edit them

I think it would be beneficial to delete the contents of a post and leave a reason rather than just outright deleting it. You’ll end up just getting repeats unless people know what was wrong.

Case in point:

A person posted a link to some DBC files in an ongoing thread. Rather than edit the post to remove the link and leave a “don’t post…” message, a moderator outright deleted the post.

Now I’ve been around long enough to know that certiain things shouldn’t be posted but you have to keep in mind that new people are coming here all the time. It would be better for these people to find these “don’t post…” edits when using the search feature to stop them from reposting the same things.

IMO deleting posts is lazy and ultimately doesn’t teach anyone anything.

PS: In the past moderators used to edit posts to remove inappropriate things.

Watch, this will end up getting deleted.


I think I should delete this.