Sunsrise/Sunset Time

Does anyone know how to alter the times that the sun rises and sets? What I’d like to do is alter the times, but I can’t find them in the core. The closest thing I’ve found is in G3DGameUnits.h where it has:

/** deprecated /
enum {SECOND=1, MINUTE=60, HOUR = 60
60, DAY=246060, SUNRISE=246060/4, SUNSET=246060*3/4, MIDNIGHT=0, METER=1, KILOMETER=1000};

Though I don’t think that’s still in use because of the deprecated comment. And the sunset doesn’t seem to happen at 18:00 hours.

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I’m also interested !!

At the moment I change the timezone on the pc. But how ugly is that :slight_smile:

The day night cycle probably goes with the server time / whatever time is sent to the client. So not controlled by a separate packet or such.

Surely somewhere it’s defined that at 9pm server time it changes to night. That’s the definition I’m looking for to see if it can be changed to, for example, 10pm.

last I checked, the “Night time” event was handled in the events table, in the DB.

As far as I know it’s defined only in the LightIntBand.dbc. Including different times and optical day/night effects.