TC 3.3.5 with TC 6.2.0 on the same machine?

This is a thing I’ve been wondering some time, and for better tests it would be great, unfortunatelly I don’t have enough time to test both modes, fallback to one if it does not work, and so, thus I am asking here if someone had tested it before.

Can authserver/bnetserver have 1 real for 3.3.5 and 1 real for 6.2.0 on the same machine? The problem is not worldserver, as it can be port changed, maybe the problem is bnetserver not compatible with worldserver-3.3.5 or vice-versa…

Could it work? If so, any hint in that regard? (I guess I would need to use bnetserver for both 3.3.5 and 6.2.0 right?)

Many thanks, it can save me some time if anybody tested this before.

bnetserver can’t handle 3.3.5 and authserver can’t handle 6.x connections.

I’m fairly sure you can have all of the servers on the same machine however you need to use different ports.

Ok, thanks to reply. That is what I was fearing /emoticons/default_sad.png It would be awesome to have both running at the same time. I am compiling 6.x now to give a try, it is taking years as my homeserver is “only” a dualcore hehe.

Thanks for answering, as always /emoticons/default_smile.png

I have confirmed you can use both on the same machine but you have to have different auth tables for each (once for authserver and one for bnetserver). also make sure your world (and instance) ports don’t overlap between cores for worldserver.

You can use the 6.x auth tables for 3.3.5a without problem, one running authserver and another bnetserver.