TC BugTracker Cleaners

This is to Non-Dev users who want to help in the Bug Tracker. The help would be to search for Tickets that are fixed already but not yet closed, tickets that mention a problem that was fixed as a result of another problem solved and tickets that mention something that does not happen anymore. What is the benefit from this:

  • A more REAL and CLEAN Ticket System

  • A FASTER way for Devs to search for REAL problems that are affecting the latest version or any version for that matter still.

  • A more community driven Ticket System where Users help Devs find and close tickets that are already solved in someway, not well documented/made or plain wrong, saving time and concentrating tasks for devs in tickets that really need attention.

you can put here the Ticket Link and why it should be closed, for example: - INVALID

The type of close mentions could be:

SOLVED - Because it was solved by an update, does not happen anymore or was fixed by a fix for another ticket.

DUPLICATE - Because it is the same thing as another Ticket. the Original ticket should be mention

INVALID - Does not have enough information about the problem and since Devs are not “yet” mutants with mental powers the ticket should be removed.

Maybe others. Hope more people can join i will start working on this ATM.


closed the example you linked, didnt put it fixed as i couldnt find revision etc so closed for invalid: not following posting standards


also if a bug-report is not following the format ( ) but is valid, then post a reply that does follow the format

No no. The link i put is an example. It is in fact invalid format. I had to use mine example since if i used somebody else they might think i have some problem with them. So the link i put SHOULD be closed for invalid. See?

Good idea. +rep whenever possible ^^

I find it really hard to believe that more people have not volunteered to help with this. Actually, no I don’t.

People wonder why we, the Trinity team, say there is NO community – that would be because there isn’t. Getting people to help is like pulling one of your own teeth. There are a few exceptions, and they are commended (IE: Athena for his work in helping mod the forums).

So, if you want to help with this, we can setup a special group on the tracker with extra permissions.

Bottom line, if you think you are part of the community and can’t contribute any other way, sign up…

– Brian


I’d be happy to help out as much as I can so sign me up.


I’m ready

My account in bugtracker - signfinder

How about making a tracker that’s specific for a certain bug? Maybe like a specific tracker for quest only bugs and then leave the tracker we have now for core bugs. I noticed that most people (as lazy as they are), don’t report small quest bugs to Trinity’s bug tracker. We could make a simple quest bug tracker that connects to the world DB, and then people can “flag” a quest they think is broken. The page would be partially powered by wowhead and it would use the quest id for people to report. People only have to enter the name of the quest, and the wowhead link will provide matching results. All the reporter has to do is copy and paste the quest ID into the tracker, load up the page for the quest, and then report it. The good thing about it is that if a quest becomes rebroken, a new ticket won’t have to be made. The quest could just be reflagged for checking.

I do have a working example and showing how it works is a lot better than saying how it works… but I can’t post it here (unless the TC people say ok). I’ve tested it on a live players and it seems to encourage people to report bugs. People tell me the tracker dumbs down a lot of stuff about reporting compared to the generic issue report trackers on the internet and all the other places and methods (including forums).

above players can still post it here on forums if you ask me, i think i have a few topics asking for quest bugs

also the tracker lists every single bug, just apply the right filters /emoticons/default_tongue.png

We use a similar system internally. Anyway, we want every single bug on the tracker, it makes our lives easier… bugs that go from misplaced objects to quest bugs, anything, really.

The only part remaining for the tool Nay mentioned to go public is me finishing off some more filtering-options and some simple authentication-system.

It’s currently undergoing testing by the DB-team, and so far they seem quite happy about how simple and easy it is.

Untill that is finished, it’s “restricted” to developers and a chosen few people only (apologies to those that feel privileged and not knowing the URL for it, it IS internal atm).

(Heck, it’s so simple to use that one of the DB-devs actually had to ask how to untag the quests for followups, as he/she actually thought it would be harder. The comment was “It was just too easy to think of” - that’s something…)

does that work for you guys?

It says the tracker is under maintainance.

Tracker -was- undergoing maintenance, now back to normal.

Is it too late to sign up for this? If not, I’d be happy to help.


I am assembling a group of friends since the beginning of this month that are going to read the bug tracker in the submitted order and report if is still a bug or was it fix already in a previous commit.

Would this group still be needed or not?

Yes, it is needed and most tickets are missing tags/labels.

Many good ideas here, hope people take notice and help.

Even though I didn’t feel comfortable posting new tickets, way back when I knew far less about the technical aspects of things, I have looked up a couple non-working quests on the ticket system and just posted followups confirming the already reported tickets as still valid. I hope that helps in a small way at least. Plus any forum comments on the ticket system will help people understand it better. is dupe of