Ore is a C# database editor specifically for Trinity. Its based off of Quice for Mangos.

Its a full rewrite from the ground up, with some twists added in.

Fully Implemented:





Mail System


Game Objects

In Development:






Remote Server full support.

Please post bugs, feedback, suggestions ect.

Code and bug reports


OK, here is a request /emoticons/default_smile.png

A full graphical editor for the world – something that you could, say, pick a GO (let’s say some herb) and use your mouse to go spawning.

For that matter being able to right click on an NPC and choose quest giver → quest and then right click on the quest taker → finish. If it is a kill quest, you could right click on the NPC(s) and choose quest → involve (or some crap)

Add on top of that a GUI for creature editing. Select your NPC and all the stats would have sliders, equipment drop downs and being able to see what the NPC would look like in game.

On, and on, and on – a full GUI for editing the world.

Basically I am rambling, because while all that would be possible, and is how blizz does it, it would be SO much work that I don’t see anyone ever doing it /emoticons/default_smile.png

– Brian

Is this supposed to be a supplement to Truice?

better than Truice.

yes on we need a visual tool for pooling / displaying spawns && guids

I would if I knew where to start at… /emoticons/default_sad.png

Well I can mostly tell you how to do it, and if you want to use C++ you can use a lot of the code that is in the core for reading maps / vmaps. The tools that we use the code from (like G3D) have graphical components that we either strip out (hence the directory g3dlite) or just don’t use since we don’t need to display anything.

– Brian

Version 2.1 out also new name so new topic here