TC domens websites banned.

Hello.Almost all domains Trinity Core were blocked in ru.For what reason is not clear.

How about paste the text instead a pic to allow non-russians to get a translation of the text?

“Resource on the IP-address is blocked by a public authority” and atached link on page:


You may receive data on the Unified Register of the domain names, website references and network addresses that allow identifying websites containing information circulation of which is forbidden in the Russian Federation through the application published below.

The requested IP address is not blacklisted


maybe it my provider … i will chek it

This site ( hangs on addresses [COLOR=rgb(40,40,40)] and [COLOR=rgb(40,40,40)]

The requested address is blacklisted

Blacklisting authorization date

			Blacklisting authorization number
			Blacklisting decision maker
			Blacklisting date

In soviet Russia websites blacklist you. /emoticons/default_wink.png

reported with notice “racism”

It looks they banned a lot of CloudFlare ips, for example, is banned because |;;

Not sure if this is the reason Russia bans CloudFlare but they are being treated like MegaUpload was. They get blocked a lot because people upload copyrighted material or other illegal files. It costs less money to ban an entire range (less work and man-hours) rather than a specific site which is why sites get banned that shouldn’t.

You might be able to circumvent that using Tor. Just be aware that CloudFlare may make you solve captcha before continuing on to your destination address. These captcha require JavaScript to be enabled which can (in rare instances) expose your real IP address over Tor.