Hi all!

I made a Telegram Bot (written in Python) that via [B]telnet[/B] can launch commands to TrinityCore console.

[SIZE=14px]What is Telegram?[/SIZE]

Telegram is an instant messaging system focusing on privacy and multi-platform availability. Telegram clients exist for both mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) and desktop systems (Windows, OS X, Linux).[11][12] Telegram users can exchange messages encrypted end-to-end, self-destructing messages, along with photos, videos, stickers, and files of any type up to 1.5 GB in size. [Wikipedia]

So it's a software like Whatsapp but it's better! (In Whatsapp you can't make your own Bot).

I made this bot for Admin/GM that may wants to launch some announce, resolve tickets, kick or teleport someone but they havne't the client.

Telegram is a software cross-platform so also from smartphone, Desktop (with any OS installed) you can send message to the bot, so launch the command.


For now the available commands are the follow (that you can see just asking to the bot "/help"):


You are probably wondering “If I can send message to the bot and launch command, anybody can send message to the bot and launch command from my server!” yes.,… but nope! You can add a condition filter to this line that active the bot only with your chat throught the chat_id: …

just adding "and chat_id == your_chat_id".

What is chat_id? Anyone on Telegram has a chat_id which any bot use to recognize you and send a message.

How can I find my chat_id? You can obtain your chat id just sending /chatid to @GiveChatId_Bot (A bot that I made).

(if you want to obtain the chatid of a group you must invite @GiveChatId_Bot to the group and write /chatid, the chat_id of the gorup usually are negative).

[SIZE=14px]If you don’t know how to set up a basic Telegram Bot, read this first: and talk with @BotFather[/SIZE]

How to install it

To run this bot you need the python-telegram-bot library, you can install it by

pip install python-telegram-bot

To install it from source you can download it from [](

After installing the client you must configure it settings the following parameters:

HOST = "" #IP of the server
port = 3443 #Port of the server
username = "" #Username telnet access
password = "" #Password telnet access
logs = 1 #Enable/Disable logs (1/0)

TOKEN = "" #Token of your telegram bot that you created from @BotFather

The last parameter it's the Token of your bot that you receive while creating it with @BotFather (ask this bot on telegram).

After configuration you can run your bot, remind to enable telnet in etc/worldserver.conf (RA.* settings) and open your worldserver.


My bot[B] doesn't run[/B] and return the follow [B]error[/B]:

LAST_UPDATE_ID = bot.getUpdates()[-1].update_id
IndexError: list index out of range

Send a message to your Bot and (re)run the file

This is awesome!