TC6.x create custom item

My sincere apologies if this has already been covered, but my search attempts on this topic have proved futile.

My TC version: TrinityCore rev. 4953ee20a5ae 2016-04-27 18:17:03 +0200 (6.x branch) (Unix, Release). DB version: TDB 6.04

As far as I understand it, the process for creation is as follows:

[ul][li]enter the relevant data into a new record each in the tables item and item_sparse within the hotfixes database.[/li]
[li]after that, enter the two records into the hotfix_data table with relative data of the ID and table hash.[/li]
Is that all that needs to be done? Does restarting the worldserver automatically issue any client-side patches when they log in?

I’m sorry for sounding like a noob but I really can’t see any fully descriptive how-to’s on this subject.

Very many thanks for any information you guys can give me.