TDB for

Is there a TDB for the branch, the server starts if you use the tdb 820 but there are some huge isues

Same issue with the 33724 client.
Extracted maps, dbc, etc.
Starting worldserver.exe installs the TDB 820 and then throws lots of errors for a few minutes before getting to the prompt.
I can log in and create a character, see the cinematics but then the character “hangs” above the world and can’t move while the server throws more errors.
Can anyone please tell me which client version / TDB worked when you created your server?

At the issue with the hangin character is easy to solve. Just log out and in again and you can play. However alot of bugs. you should be familar with GM commands to solve alot of quests

master branch is heavy alpha branch, like wiki states, if you want to play you need to stick to 3.3.5a branch.

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