teleport player in 3 minutes

hello people I need help:

How can I make a script type when enabling start counting 3 minutes

as finish three minutes teleport the player to a local.

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event maps

Are you trying to be helpful or are you trying to be Sovak?

It’s a bit hard to explain, but to make this a script you’d need to make a singleton class holding players to be teleported info, that would be updated by a worldscript (that’s the only script class i know off which updates with world::update)

Now i do not have a computer to compile trinitycore on so i have a hard time helping you out more then this, but if you want to look at something, i think rochets transmog script has a singleton class so that you know how they work.

Then you just go wild…

Good luck, ill get back to you when i get a new computer /emoticons/default_smile.png

Take a look at the BasicEvent class. It’s also used in spells.