The Ampitheater Of Anguish

Converted the REALLY bad version from C++ to SAI. Was missing lots of important data. x_X

Reason I’m posting this is for learning purpose, because it’s incomplete and because I’ve got a very busy week coming up so I have no time to figure out why the hell some parts don’t work. Please feel free to contribute to this script, it took some time. /emoticons/default_smile.png




The issue about the range players receive said text seems to be not correct. Noticed this already on another fix…

I’m sorry? It’s incorrect but you noticed it on another issue? /emoticons/default_tongue.png

I think he is refering to the comment

“1. For some reason the range between the spectators and player is too big so we can’t see their text. They DO say their text, though.”

… and claims it’s a known issue.

Ah, makes sense.

@Pitcrawler, not much we can do. On retail it seemed like once you came closer to the spectator’s seats, the spam of messages was increased like… let’s say 80%. It’s insane… :confused: