The "client 3.3.5a" button is on its own row

Browser: Firefox

Not a big deal but the “client 3.3.5a” button is on its own row for some reason. It’s still between the “Bugs and Patches” and “View New Content” buttons but it is dropped down onto a new line…

I disabled all my addons just to be sure but there was no change.

use a larger screen size, mine is 1280x1024, and everything is as it should be, but, when I grab the edge of the browser window and make it smaller, I see the same as your screenshot.

1366x768 here, no issues

917px is the minimum size required for the forum nav bar at this point.

Interesting. I get the same problem on 1280x960 so there must be something wrong on my end.

seems I was wrong, using proper measurement it comes out to 1170px. which is still lower than 1280, but 1170 is for the view port, your browser also takes up room in borders/bars/UI. i doubt that accounts for 110px but still.

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Looks fantastic at 1920x1080. /emoticons/default_smile.png

Actually I think the problem is the borders. If you look at the image, you’ll see a blue border next to the “TrinityCore” button and one on the other side next to the “Open Quick Navigation”. Those are probably enough on smaller resolutions to squish the buttons together.