The Trinity Ambassador

Waddup Trinity Community,

Today I have some interesting news for you all! After using Trinity Core for quite some time now and being a part of the MaNGOS community for years prior to Trinity I have decided that I will be creating a tool called the Ambassador. During the time that I have been a member of these communities I have noticed that it becomes quite tedious to have to manage scripts, accounts, npcs, gameobjects, smartai, and all other Trinity DB functions. A lot of the database columns are labeled as param1,param2, ect. I feel that for new members to Trinity that do not have a whole lot of experience with our engine’s database and structure that learning it takes a whole lot of time to get used to. So in order to ease the stress of creating new things in Trinity I have decided to create a project that will do all of this for you via a GUI interface that works on OSX, Linux, and Windows. Through the workings of this new program, I believe that we as a community will be able to manage our databases better and at the same time we’ll pull more interested people from other communities to ours.


[SIZE=14px]Q: You mentioned that this new program will be cross platform between many different operating systems, how do you plan to achieve this?[/SIZE]

A: Well considering the fact that Trinity Core is based off of C++ I want to create a project that shares that uniqueness between this utility and the server as well. The Trinity Ambassador will be programmed in Qt C++ which will allow us to tear out all of the ugly parts of the STDIO.h library so that we can use more modern frameworks while at the same time, utilizing the power of the C++ static type syntax.

Q: I have used programs in the past that have done simular things as the Trinity Ambassador but they were closed source, once the developer left, the project died.

A: Well I plan on combatting this in two different ways, firstly I plan on having the project 100% open source via GITHUB so that after I leave one day, developers will be able to continue developing my program under an OpenSource GNU license. I also plan on containing the Database structure in TXT files that way if the database structure changes, all a user has to do is update the corresponding text file in order for the program to recognize new changes; this is great because people will not have to constantly recompile the source code when trinity updates or modifies the database.

Q: You mentioned scripting support through SmartAI, please explain.

A: Well basically I plan on allowing plan allowing users to create their own NPCs and scripts for the game using our program to generate the SQL required to do so.

Q: When can we expect to see this program launch?

A: I plan on launching it from scratch via github within the next couple of days. Currently I have non of the program done so the first revision of the commit will be 100% raw.

Please provide additional feedback and information to help support this project, feedback is strongly encouraged!



great thing! looking forward to this,that’s what we really need