Three Pet Patches Ready For Review

Greetings, I’m not sure what the review process is since it’s been a while since I submitted any major patches.

I’ve posted three pet related patches to the bug tracker that I was wondering if someone could push them:

5153 - Pet focus regen gets stuck

3803 - Furious Howl no longer autocasts

4891 - Pet react state (Machiavelli already contacted me on this one)

Not trying to be pushy so I hope nobody is offended. Its just that pets are pretty bad off and these would go a long way to make playing pet classes a little more enjoyable.


Thank You

Not at all offended /emoticons/default_smile.png

Push away imo.

I believe that alot of the Trinity community that contribute to this wonderful project are not always recognized for there work, regardless of the project size.

Iv’e been working on a few bugs myself and wish I had just a bit more time.

I too would like a review process if any, I have several bugs that I believe I have cleared up but not sure the appropiate method.

Personally I don’t want to label them (my work) patches since my level of expertise is not at a level of some of the members I envy.