Toby's Server Hosting Utility

This was made for those who just reformated, or just looking to get into emulation.

Windows Only

[CENTER]This is for all you new users out there that need help.

It comes with nearly everything you need.

[SIZE=10px]This is for new users. If you already host a server and/or you’ve been here for any length of time, you probably have this already. This is for NEW USERS.[/SIZE]


[li]Active Internet Connection[/li]
[li]Microsoft Framework[/li]
[li]Basic Knowledge of Server Creation[/li]
[SIZE=14px]~{}{}{}PROGRAMS INCLUDED{}{}{}~[/SIZE]
HeidiSQL: MySQL Database Browser
Java + Chrome + Java Chrome Plug-In: Used by alot of Repacks now-a-days.
NotePad++: Makes it ALOT easier when doing scripting, or editing any type of text document.
Visual Basic: Basic is a powerful tool that can be used to create Launchers, Register applications and alot more. Also it helps with compiling things if you get a proper compiler with it… Like I provided! Also includes C++ Compiler.
Find a Core: Opens up your default internet browser and lets you select from a different cores such as ArcEmu or Trinity.

ThunderElf from along time ago showed me how to launch applications from within a certain dir. So thank you to him.
Kyrie aka PROGAME64 is also the sole creator and release of this pack. If you see this anywhere send an email to me at [email protected]

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This has been a total blast to make.
I hope you enjoy this little program, and please leave feedback.
I will be releasing an updated version with more programs so if you think of any I can include please post below.
PM and I’ll make you a custom program or Launcher for your server.

  • Kyrie aka PROgame64


This is not really a utility, and, it condones and supports the use of repacks, instead of compiling your own, we do not want or need this kind of thing here.