Toc Bosses Can Be Stunned , Cc , I Can Immune Them?

TOC bosses can be stunned , CC ,… how i can immune them?

i can immune them to stun fear and other spells but i cant immunte them to druid cyclone

can u do me a favor and just give me the flag number? i will be really thankfull

I believe it is MECHANIC_INVULNERABILITY, because check the spell tooltip.

thanks alot i will try

its banish btw

p.s its not banish also, can any one tell me whats the flag for CYCLONE? i cant immune bosses to cyclone

Mechanic = 18 (MECHANIC_BANISH)

It is Banish.

UPDATE `creature_template` SET `mechanic_immune_mask`=`mechanic_immune_mask`|131072 /* MECHANIC_BANISH */ WHERE `entry`=XXX;

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