Tool for Scripters/DB devs

Aokromes this is really a great idea I could see taking this on and I think this is a project I would be willing to take on as long as people working with this don’t have any problems with this being built with Livecode it would be built for windows, mac, and linux it would stay open source of course. I would need a little more information to get this started though, but I like it.

Do eeet!! We need something to make sniffing easier.

When I get time, Iv’e been piecing together the player map. I usually get about 10-15mins a day, due to real life.

That is what worries me about starting projects is the time having to do it because of real life.

Hi everyone,

in the attempt to reach this milestone, I wrote a technical description of the situation up to now on WPP’s issue tracker - GitHub.

you know that wpp has an inner storage for everything which is going to be dumped to txt…
so why not simply make a winform gui in wpp? it should not autoclose after parsing is done, instead open up the gui where you could do searching for the already parsed/stored stuff. dont have to reinvent the wheel again, (there is no sniffer atm so you have time :slight_smile: )