There doesn’t seem to exist an easy way to do this. creature_formations works however you’ll need to calculate the distance and angles to match current spawn positions.

You could simply use “[FONT=Arial]SMART_ACTION_CALL_FOR_HELP” funcion of smart_scripts in database ([/FONT]http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/smart_scripts). It’ll cause an NPC to call for help any other NPCs of same family type (http://collab.kpsn.org/display/tc/creature_template) in X (set by urself - works even for such high values like 200+) yards radious. You’re also able to hide “[NPC name] call for help” massage on the chat in smarts.

Remember to set both NPCs with smart_scripts (logical, isnt it?) and fit “SmartAI” under AIName in “creatures_template” table, to make em work.

Works well to me under 4.3.4 core. /emoticons/default_smile.png

Also don’t act like disabled - smarts are easy with wiki support.

gl and greetings,


[COLOR= rgb(82, 82, 82)]SMART_ACTION_CALL_FOR_HELP is a good idea, I forgot about that


I made the research today, and… MY BAD dude, sry.

Family changes nothing. It’s all about NPC’s faction id.

TEST: NPC of faction ID 168 (hostile to all players) called for help all NPCs of same faction, but NPC of faction 17 (brotherhood) did not respond for call (was in rage). Didnt try other factions then 17, but since 17 was HOSTILE to me, as a player… make sense. Also NPC of family id 25 (hyena) called for help both: other hyena and WOLF family in range.

As for creator of RP project, it seems quite hard to deal with aggro and aggro ranges, since it operates on diff sources (configs, sql, emulator itself). Took me some time to figure it out how it works, and still needs research tbh. Good news is that "call_for_help_ function works so well, just like the whole smart_scripts.