Trinity Core's sniffer for Wow (NO LONGER UPDATED)

[SIZE=16px]This sniffer is closed source, don’t ask for new sniffer versions making new threads or on irc, new versions will be released when I have time.
The sniffs are only available for TC developers and official contributors because they contain private data.
Sniffer only works with LIVE realms and the build number stated on title/key file.

How to use it:

Put it on your wow directory.
Start wow.exe.
Start attach_sniffer.
Start Wow-64.exe
Use attach_sniffer_64

If you want to force WoW to start in 32-bit only mode use

Wow.exe -noautolaunch64bit

Upload your sniff compresed with zip, rar, 7z or some linux format to some non-anoying file hosting (for example zippyshare, mega, anything without captchas or wait times).
Post your sniff at []( only devs will see your sniff there.

Note: When updating sniffer you need to overwrite [B]all[/B] old files.

Edit by ShinDarth:
In order to run the sniffer under GNU/Linux or Mac OS X you have to use the Windows client (Wow.exe) and open it using wine (get the latest version).

Note: if you have the Mac OS X client already, you can just download the *.exe and *.dll files of the Windows client and add them to your Mac client folder.


  • open a terminal window and run:

wine Wow.exe -noautolaunch64bit

Script for wine (save in the same directory as wstc)
WSTC_COMMAND=$(grep -E -o 'WSTC.exe .*\.wstc' ./attach_sniffer.cmd)
set -x



Updated to

Will NOT be updated anymore.

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