Trinity Restart Issues

[COLOR=rgb(51,51,51)]So I just recently deleted all spawned NPC/Gameobjects in the world to get rid of useless shit I don’t need for my realm, but now after I’ve done this when the realm restarts, the worldserver.exe tries to load all the deleted npcs and it takes like 3 fucking hours to reboot… And it’s pissing me off… Can someone tell me how to fix this?..

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did you just delete all spawns, or, did you also remove all related information from other tables?

I deleted everything in the following tables as told to do by Rochet off AC-Web:




Keep in mind I emptied the data for only the “Creature” table and it started doing this. Someone suggested I empty the other two as well and it would possibly fix it, but it didn’t. I restarted my realm and it’s taken over 2 hours 48 minutes as of right now and it’s still restarting.

Why would you even delete them…? Because playing on a realm without nothing is nice, of course. Also my core starts in 7 secondes, with all the stuff in the database.

PS: ac-web should burn in hell.

Lol, it’s to improve the stability of the realm and/or reduce server lag. I didn’t delete them from the database, I just despawned them all which is why it makes no sense to me that my realm takes almost three hours to restart.

If you wanted to “despawn” them, you could simply change the phasemask of these entries so they aren’t visible to players. Thus you have an empty world, devoid of useless things, and your core will still start.

Enlighten me on how to do this exactly? I’ve never bothered with phasing NPCs.

Well, first restore all your world data, and verify that it runs correctly afterward. And upon further consideration, you should use spawnMask as opposed to phaseMask.

Then, if your goal is to essentially “hide” everything in the world, do the following:

  1. Backup your database, in case you have a sudden change of heart.

  2. UPDATE creature SET spawnMask = 0;

  3. UPDATE gameobject SET spawnMask = 0;

(for all intents and purposes, this should hide creatures and gameobjects from both players and GMs. The only recourse is to restore these tables from a backup, you have been warned)

Disclaimer: I’ve never attempted to hide everything in the world, so this may have unintended consequences. But it’s certainly better than simply deleting everything.

Ok, I’ll give this a try in a little bit. I’m currently working on getting my FusionCMS our FusionCMS installed for our website. After that I’ll recompile a fresh core and whatnot.

Thank you for the help, I’ll post back with results afterward.